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5 Fresh Gift Ideas For Crazy Gamers and Gaming Geeks

5 Fresh Gift Ideas For Crazy Gamers and Gaming Geeks

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner which means that we have to be ready with our gift list and that there is so much decisions we have to make during this season. We are all in a rush, chasing offers, having that desire to make people around us happy. This is what this period is all about. Spending time with your family and showing them how much we care about and love them. And, yes, we know that you are thinking about hoodies, about ugly Christmas sweaters, beanies, socks, and another typical Christmas presents. However, when you have a game in your family, your mission becomes a little bit more complicated because ,we, the gamers, love cool and fresh stuffs. But, don't worry. Ninja Spree team is here. We decided to create a list for you which will give you some ideas about something you can easily use for an inspiration while deciding what will be the best gift. So, let’s start the countdown now.


1. Customized Gaming Framed Poster

Every gamer is special. And every gamer has its own place, own kingdom where the gaming magic happens. And what could be better than to show others clearly that this is your gaming zone, right? Well, it could be easily done with our first options for gaming gifts – Personalized Framed Poster. Personalizing a gift means that there won't be any other item the same as the one you present. The uniqueness makes the gift more sentimental and appreciated because you included a personal touch to it - after all, everyone likes to feel special, and what’s more special than a gift perfectly chosen and designed with you in mind? If this idea sounds interesting to you, just take a look of what we have in our collection. 

Customized Framed Poster

2. Let's talk about...Gaming Canvas

Another fresh alternative for a gaming present is the canvas. A canvas is a statement piece and artwork all in one. One of the most prominent reasons for choosing canvas prints is its longevity. Canvas is a sturdy and robust material that has proven to stand the test of time. At the same time, the high-quality ink used can maintain the vibrancy of the print much longer than the paper alternative. The gaming canvas will be a perfect addition to your gaming place especially if it’s funny. The canvas is the perfect way to express your passion and it is a must have for every crazy gamer. What do you think? Link below, the right choice awaits.

Gaming Canvas

3. Our Next Pick - Gaming Tumbler

Next level - Gaming Stainless Tumbler. Insulated drinkware is incredibly popular right now for numerous reasons. Not only does it serve several important purposes, but in many cases, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. All that comfort we are feeling during holidays would mean just nothing if there is nowhere you can enjoy your favorite hot chocolate or a cup of tea during the cold winter nights. We have that vision that everything just needs to match. That is so essential for the spirit of the holidays. Everywhere you look around will speak holiday, coziness, holiday spirit. Christmas is all around us, we can feel it with every single day coming little by little. Start with the small things which will later on bring another portion of happiness sitting on the couch and playing the favorite game. Sounds great, right?

Gaming Tumbler

4. What About Gaming Pillow?

Let’s level up the gaming experience with our next awesome idea – Gaming Pillow. Throw pillows are generally associated with the aesthetics of a room. We use them on sofas, chairs, couches, and beds. They add color to décor and can be used to increase the aesthetic value of our gaming room. Besides these uses, throw pillows have a number of benefits that have nothing to do with décor purposes - they offer support and comfort. Aaand, we think that we have something for you here.

Gaming Pillow

5. Let's Blanket This Xmas Up!

That’s just another thing you can easily add to your winter gift collection at any occasion. Think no more about the feeling of being cold while you are in the middle of your next mission. You now have the right gaming blanket for you! The good thing about it is that you can easily wear it everywhere around you and the only think you have to do is to grab the controller. We have created design made for every passionate gamer. For sure there is someone you can bring a new blanket for. It’s the season of carrying.

 Gaming Blanket

Having all that being said, here at Ninja Spree, we are wishing you first of all to stay safe out there, taking care of the important things in your life. Now is the right time to show and spread some love and hope for a better times for yourself and people around you. We wish you a very merry, happy and SAFE Christmas. Hopefully we now have made your choice of gifts slightly easier. Keep calm and blame it on the lag!

 Merry Christmas


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