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5 Fresh Gift Ideas For Every D&D Adventurer

5 Fresh Gift Ideas For Every D&D Adventurer

Hello, Adventurer! The most wonderful time of the year is almost here and as always we are all excited and thrilled! Christmas is right at the door and the rush for gifts has never been more intense. Think no more with our proposals to make any gamer or Dungeons and Dragons fan happy. Luckily for you, we have prepared you some threats you can benefit from, follow our guide with our recommendations:

1. Hooded Blanket

Can’t think of a better combination between coziness and at the same time a home good that sends such a motivating message for a gamer. It’s giving the believe that gaming is not jus gaming. It’s more deeper than that. A message that can be applied in every situation to every part of life. You are not getting only comfort, it motivational everyday message combined with a Christmas gift a gamer will love! 


Hooded Blanket

2. Dungeon Master blanket

Why don’t you combine the comfort of a well made fluff blanket with a way to express what it takes to be Dungeon Master - you have now the opportunity to do so. Blanket that speaks for itself - a perfect match for a die - hard fans, that will put smile on their face permanently. Not very often you see such a match. 

 Dungeon Master Blanket

3. Dungeon Master Tumbler

DM Tumbler is the way to go! Want your gift to stand your this year for someone beloved that you know is a Dungeons and Dragons fan? Happily for you - You are at the right place! With every detail in the design representing different part of the game. Having a complete overall description what it takes to be a legendary Dungeon Master. Every owner of it will be proud having it. More joy on you face for giving such a unique Xmas present as well.

DM Tumbler

4. Dungeon Master Canvas

This wall canvas will make complete every room of a fan that sleeps and breathes the beloved game. With size 16x20” makes it in universal size that fits everywhere. You have now just upgraded any room to a very special Dungeons and Dragons place as never before. X-mad is to bring joy, do it for yourself or someone that is a fan adoring the game. You might like the design, then why don’t you put it in a blanket as we did for you. 

 DM Wall Canvas

5. Dungeons and Dragons Doormat

In a home obsessed with the game, a doormat will make such a difference in the overall experience at home. A doormat that sets up the rules, a funny and clever way of expressing your love for the game. We bet you have never seen such an item being gifted before to anyone? Why am t you just create a special moment for yourself or a family obsessed with the game? 

DND Doormat

You want more ideas? No worries. You can take a look to our Gaming Merch Collection! Level UP!

Having all that being said,  we are wishing you first of all to stay safe out there, taking care of the important things in your life. Now is the right time to show and spread some love and hope for a better times for yourself and people around you. We wish you a very Merry,  Christmas.

Merry Chrismtas

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