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Metaverse: Endless possibilities are yet to come

Metaverse: Endless possibilities are yet to come

Facebook recently changing its name to Meta made it clear where Mark Zuckerbeg aims the new normal to be in the way we interact with everything around us and with each other. Of course, this might be one man's opinion, but it seems like the idea is getting more and more attention from the biggest names in the tech industry as the time goes by. The new idea of changing almost everything we are used to, hides endless opportunities ahead and some uncertainties how current trends will be reshaped to this new conception yet to be pushed more and more, day by day. Currently in Early adopters  

Let’s summarize some of the points that are happening in this space.

What actually will you be doing in the Metaverse?

Imagine a world where you are able to attend any event in a matter of just switching to the created room/hall/stadium/place for it. From a work perspective this will be the ability of jumping into one meeting room into another without leaving the place you are currently in. Tired of getting pissed off with daily traffic, stuck in a traffic jam? Having to experience an unpleasant morning routine in public transport in peak hours combined with the anxiety of being late. Now everything you need to attend or be part of it is up to you, absolutely limitless opportunities. The same applies when it comes to attending a concert for example. Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber are just part of the artists that have already had their successful events held in the new space. Buying yourself clothes will never be the same as we know it now. All of the brands we know will be building their online stores into the metaverse as well. This will give us the opportunity of having almost a full shopping experience without accessing the physical store of our favorite outlet. What you need to do is just put in your virtual reality glasses, login and select which brand you would like to “visit”. Interactive system will have previously body scanned. Like this you will have the ability of trying any kind of new merch and seeing in the metaverse what it would look like on you, without the need of you even physically having to. Full preview of your brand new hoodie, shirt, jeans, snickers, you name it. You know, GTA San Andreas style. Y’all remember how many hours we have all spent choosing the perfect clothes for CJ. Well, this will be us in the near future. Each of the users will be having its own avatar. This is how other people will see you in this space. This will remove any kind of boundaries of how people judge by the look which we are currently having in our society in general. 


This is a developing story. So far most of the ideas are a matter of imagination or speculation. Technology for the mentioned things above is in early stage and yet to be developed. There are a lot of uncertainties which way the development of the technology will go. Each company may decide to create its own version or the companies might decide to stick to one metaverse which is hard to believe at this early stage. For sure it’s a topic that will continue to appear more and more in your life more often than we think. 

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